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Full  Groom 

The ultimate pamper package for your pet:

Two Thorough washes, blow dry, nails, ear clean and complete brush out before being clipped and styled to breed standard or to your personal preferences

De-shedding Sessions

Really good for removing dead undercoat to keep the skin and coat clean and healthy and prevent matting. (Perfect for double coated breeds)

 Two thorough washes, blasted and brushed to remove dead undercoat, complete comb through, nails and ear clean included.

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Puppy Introductions

A pup’s first groom is so important. It should be about the sights, smells and sounds in the salon whilst creating a special bond between dog and groomer, practising patience, training, and trust.

Available to all puppies at least two weeks after their last injections up to the age of 6 months

We aim to give each puppy:

A Bath with puppy friendly shampoo!
A nice warm hair dry
Trim round the feet
Trim around the eyes
Trim around sanitary areas
Nail trim
Lots of Cuddles!

The amount we achieve in the appointment will depend on each individual puppy as again we want to keep the experience as positive as possible by slowly building up their confidence before their first full groom with us.



A method used to remove excess dead hair from the coat by the root so that the new coat is able to grow in, can be done by hand or by using specialised tools. 
Sounds painful? Hand stripping is not painful if done professionally as the hair is ready to come out.

How is it different to clipping?
Each time you clip a dogs coat instead of hand strip, you take just the top layer or dead fur, leaving the soft base in the follicle rather than removing it from the roots- as a result, the coat may become duller in texture and colour with each clipping. 

Hand stripping is only suitable for certain breeds and coat types and can be difficult to achieve if the coat has already been previously clipped. It can also be difficult to achieve if the dog has been neutered/spayed due to the change in hormones meaning over time the coat will naturally become softer.

If you feel this is something your dog will benefit from or are unsure do get in touch for more information.

There will be an additional charge of £15-£25 on top of a full groom price for this service.


Bath + Brush/ Tidy Trim

Perfect if your pet does not need clipping or styling but needs a bit of TLC to get them feeling refreshed and clean or perhaps a small trim. Also ideal for in-between full grooms to prevent matting and keep your pet clean. Includes two thorough washes, a blow dry to help get rid of shedding/dead hair and a complete brush out with tidy trim if required.

Ears cleaned and nails .

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